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    About The Program
    Manitoba Inter Connect Program

    With unparalleled expertise and dedication, ROHL’s team of seasoned professionals have made significant strides in bridging the digital divide with our strategic partners. With meticulous precision and a commitment to excellence, we’ve rolled out state-of-the-art fiber-to-the-home and fiber-to-the-premise solutions across the expansive landscapes of Manitoba. Our efforts have illuminated countless homes and businesses, ensuring that communities are firmly plugged into the digital age. ROHL stands as a beacon of progress, driving Manitoba’s digital transformation forward with unwavering resolve.




    A 300km fiber optic line along the Alaska Highway enhances connectivity, offering Alaskans a resilient link to the mainland USA.

    Southern Alberta Wind Farm

    In 2022, ROHL's cable laying expertise played a pivotal role in Alberta's 48-turbine wind farm, a testament to renewable energy's potential and ROHL's leadership in sustainable infrastructure development.

    Multi-Party Installs

    Since 2012, completed programs in more than 25 communities with 15+ innovative projects.

    Dempster Fibre Line

    800-km optic link Dawson City to Inuvik, bolstering connectivity, reliability.

    Alberta Broadband Access Program

    For 15+ years, ROHL has partnered with First Nations, connecting over 50 Alberta communities, promoting inclusivity and progress.