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At ROHL, we take pride in our extensive experience and expertise in providing top-tier utility installation services. With a comprehensive range of solutions, we have consistently delivered outstanding results across various terrains and project complexities. Explore our service archive to gain insight into our capabilities and the diverse projects we’ve undertaken.


Your Turnkey Solutions

  • Telecommunications

    ROHL’s turnkey approach leverages our agile project management applications to oversee the planning, design, and construction of every project from beginning to end. These proven techniques control the scope, time, cost, and quality of our work.

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  • Renewable Energy

    ROHL is positioned to be an industry leader in renewable energy installations. Wind and solar is the energy of the future, and we’re proud to play a part.

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  • Infrastructure

    Experience the ROHL advantage in infrastructure development. We design, deploy, and maintain essential networks, connecting communities and businesses with unmatched expertise and precision.

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  • Carrier Services

    Elevate your telecommunication capabilities with ROHL’ Carrier Services. We offer cutting-edge solutions and reliable connectivity to keep you connected with your customers, delivering seamless communication and data transfer.

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Manitoba Inter Connect Program

Bringing advanced fiber solutions to Manitoba, connecting communities for digital progress.


A 300km fiber optic line along the Alaska Highway enhances connectivity, offering Alaskans a resilient link to the mainland USA.

Alberta Broadband Access Program

For 15+ years, ROHL has partnered with First Nations, connecting over 50 Alberta communities, promoting inclusivity and progress.

Southern Alberta Wind Farm

In 2022, ROHL's cable laying expertise played a pivotal role in Alberta's 48-turbine wind farm, a testament to renewable energy's potential and ROHL's leadership in sustainable infrastructure development.

Multi-Party Installs

Since 2012, completed programs in more than 25 communities with 15+ innovative projects.

Dempster Fibre Line

800-km optic link Dawson City to Inuvik, bolstering connectivity, reliability.
Record of excellence

Our Experience

With a track record of success throughout North America, ROHL has built a reputation for excellence in utility installations. Our service archive showcases our commitment to delivering exceptional results, project after project. We’ve tackled a wide range of installations, demonstrating our versatility and dedication to client satisfaction.