underground and overhead utility


ROHL provides a comprehensive compliment of underground and overhead utility installations and services that range from streetlights to underground fiber. Our methods range from plowing and directional drilling to open cut and trenching approaches, and we have experience effectively deploying these methods in both urban and rural settings throughout North America.


From buried, to aerial or trenchless

We have the capabilities for all sizes and all terrains.

utility installations


Any terrain. All methodologies. ROHL has an extensive array of solely owned, specialized terrain equipment. ROHL is a dynamic and versatile company with a remarkable set of capabilities in the field of utility installations. With a comprehensive range off services, we excel in handling underground and overhead utility installations, from underground fiber to natural gas and electrical installations. What sets ROHL apart is our adaptability to any terrain and our proficiency in utilizing a wide array of methodologies, including plowing, directional drilling, open cut, and trenching. With extensive experience in urban and rural settings across North America, we bring a wealth of knowledge to every project. Moreover, ROHL’s impressive fleet of solely owned, specialized terrain equipment ensures that we are well-equipped to tackle utility installations in diverse environments. In the realm of utility services, ROHL stands as a reliable choice for meeting your installation needs.