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  • Dempster Fibre Line


    About The Project

    Dempster Fibre Line

    The Dempster Fibre Line Project boasts an 800-kilometer fiber optic line which parallels the Dempster Highway, spanning from Dawson City in the Yukon to Inuvik in the Northwest Territories.

    Presently, remote northern regions primarily rely on a solitary fiber optic connection. Upon reaching Inuvik, this fiber line will integrate with the established Mackenzie Valley Fibre Connection to complete the final leg for a redundant connection.



    Southern Alberta Wind Farm

    In 2022, ROHL's cable laying expertise played a pivotal role in Alberta's 48-turbine wind farm, a testament to renewable energy's potential and ROHL's leadership in sustainable infrastructure development.

    Multi-Party Installs

    Since 2012, completed programs in more than 25 communities with 15+ innovative projects.


    A 300km fiber optic line along the Alaska Highway enhances connectivity, offering Alaskans a resilient link to the mainland USA.

    Alberta Broadband Access Program

    For 15+ years, ROHL has partnered with First Nations, connecting over 50 Alberta communities, promoting inclusivity and progress.

    Manitoba Inter Connect Program

    Bringing advanced fiber solutions to Manitoba, connecting communities for digital progress.