Empowering Connectivity

From Family Roots to
Telecommunication Leaders

ROHL is proud of our ability to tackle any turnkey construction or telecommunication project from conceptualization to completion. We are consistently able to accomplish this through large investments in our most valuable assets: our employees, our IT systems, and our equipment.

Whether our customer is one of the largest telecommunication companies in North America who needs a Layer-1 circuit, a municipality who needs a turnkey internet solution, or a Hydro company requiring assistance with their maintenance program, ROHL will continue to evolve and be a premier brand providing essential turnkey services.


Our Story

Since the establishment of the ROHL Group of Companies in 1967, ROHL has grown from a small family company into a leading multinational construction firm.

Our roots in utility construction have grown to encompass cutting-edge installations in fiber optic and renewable energy infrastructure. Presently, ROHL’s operations span across Canada and the USA, offering a comprehensive range of construction services and expert knowledge, adaptable to all terrains, no matter how remote.

With 3,000+ kilometers of fiber optic cable installed in the Yukon and Northwest Territories to date, ROHL has been a key player in shaping the North’s connectivity landscape. As the dominant firm responsible for the most fiber optic networks deployed across the North today, we continue to be a driving force in advancing connectivity!

After 50 years in business, ROHL continued its history of expansion with the construction and operation of its very own fiber network. Our network has become the primary connectivity path for Telecom companies in the North, serving as their key link for connectivity in the region. Since then, we have operated and maintained this network with an overall 99.9% reliability, ensuring minimal service impacts to our valued customers.




Objective That Matters

Throughout our years of experience, we understand just what it takes to get the job done in the North, meaning it’s how you achieve the end project objective that matters. This is why throughout our history, one of our key differentiators has been our approach to partnering with local First Nation communities, ensuring they share in the economic benefit, skills, and experience each project brings to the table.