Deployment in any location, from urban to remote environments

Turnkey Solutions




ROHL Global Networks offers complete turnkey solutions for the telecommunications industry. We offer a distinct difference by owning and operating more than 1,200 km of fiber optic network.

Combined with more than 20,000 km of successful fiber optic deployment across North America, we know what it takes to build world class networks people rely on.


We offer the telecommunication industry a complete range of network design and drafting services. Our highly skilled Network Services Team are experienced in completing the most demanding design projects. This includes fiber-to-the-home deployments, fiber-to-the-premise designs, long-haul fiber design, and last-mile connections.

As part of our turnkey solutions we also obtain all relevant permits for projects from all required levels of government and other jurisdictional bodies and stakeholders. This helps eliminate surprises in the field and allows for more uninterrupted project construction.

ROHL offers complete turnkey solutions for the telecommunication industry

The ROHL Advantage

Utilizing highly accurate GPS handsets and the latest in drone aerial photography for data collection gives ROHL the ability to create spatially correct drawings, which can be imported into any GIS (Geographic Information System) platform for easy data and drawing management. Drone photography provides a high-resolution image of a work area, enabling design teams and construction crews alike a better view of the project.